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We are a small, independent game company named Qulvar Game Studio.

We, founders of the Qulvar Game Studio, have over 20 years of software experience. However we are kinda new being game programmers. Mobile game market is a tough market to be acknowledged. It is difficult for the ones who don’t have billions to spend for high end advertisements while they try to make a name for themselves. Games that released by small/new companies have less than 1% chance to be known in the market.

In spite of all these difficulties, we will give our best to live up to your expectations and try to find our place in the mobile game market.

team members

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Gökhan Süt

Lead Game Developer

Serdar Şahin
Serdar Şahin

Backend & Game Developer

Babak Allahgolipour

Game Artist / Art Director

Ceyda Yenilmez

User Acquisition Specialist



New generation strategy game

Ezerion, the first game of Qulvar Game Studio, is a turn based strategy (TBS) board game for mobile devices. It is a capture area style of game. Ezerion published on April 1st 2021 and available on Google Play and Apple Store.


We waited until we could do it right. Instead of creating a clone.

Ezerion Screenshot
Ezerion Screenshot
Ezerion Screenshot
Ezerion Screenshot
Ezerion Screenshot

Wonderful. I think the graphics will be further developed in the future, its gameplay and logic is simple, a domestic intelligence game.


Un jeu extraordinaire! Je vous conseille tous...

Emin Ali Ulaş

I've been waiting for a decent game for a long time. Finally, they have met my expectations, it's very successful, I say don't go through without trying.

Murat Yilmaz

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